The subject of interior design is as complex as the subject of fashion, but what is important to you about fashion?

Quality ? That the clothing emphasises and accentuates your personality ? That the way you combine it suggests your good taste and implies this is also the case in other things in life ? That you don‘t get lost among the non-descript masses? That you are „noticed“ ?

Clothes make the man... Furniture makes the hotel...?

If only it were that simple, but the two themes are similar and show our approach to interior design. A hotel is a universe in itself, just like every human being is, with the natural need to visibly express this invisible world. This is how we become recognisable and if what’s on the outside matches what’s on the inside, it results in harmony and authenticity, which in turn „attracts“ people who are a good fit with us. In the hotel business these people are usually called „guests“. So in fashion it‘s exactly the same as in interior design, the same game with a different name. Another parallel between the two creative fields of fashion and interior design is the fact that we do not throw all our clothes away when we buy new ones. It is much more about skilfully complementing our existing clothes with new ones. A few new pieces of furniture are important from time to time and it’s just as important to pay attention to what they express, what is suggested by their style and that the new pieces are compatible with what already exists in a harmonious yet inspiring way. A composition of the existing and the new, resulting in a new overall image.

It`s all about details……

Often just a seemingly small detail is enough and this fashion accessory makes us look more serious and authoritarian or younger and more creative. We find an authentic style with our clients and implement it professionally, allowing for and welcoming breaks in style are permitted and not defining anything too restrictively. A sterile hotel lobby with designer furniture that does not match the personality of the hotel owners and their team is of no use to anyone.

We therefore rely on an individual mix of interiors that best suits the people who this indoor environment is intended for to provide a feeling of well-being, in a lasting impressive manner and as distinctively as possible

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