By construction consulting we mean monitoring and supervising the renovation work, which only involves structural changes in rare cases.

We have specialised in soft renovations, which are more economical in terms of budget and can be implemented relatively quickly indoors and outdoors, even when it‘s business as usual. We leave guests with lasting impressions that underline the hotel‘s uniqueness on the one hand and provide a beautiful and visually striking and memorable image on the other using an unusual and positively striking mix of materials, fabrics and colours on floors, ceilings and walls.

First and foremost though, we use these renovation measures to bring the hotel to the attention of new guests and we are only recognisable as an interesting one of a kind on the market in the first place as a result of our creative implementations. Like any larger orchestra, this needs a conductor. They don‘t have to be the best flute player themselves but must have enough knowledge of each instrument to be able to assess exactly what is feasible and what can be demanded. It is their remit to allow the individual musicians to interact with each other as harmoniously as possible, as well as maintain the beat and right volume during the performance.

We coordinate this orchestra of tradespeople for you with decades of experience in all areas of renovation. Punctual completion in compliance with the agreed budget is just as important for us as respectful conduct towards each other and hotel guests and employees during business as usual. We take great care to ensure that your hotel does not become a „construction site“ and that the renovation work is carried out at an appropriate volume with as little dust and dirt as possible. It goes without saying in our profession that our employees have an appropriate appearance, a high standard of professional competence and love for the profession.

We know from numerous reports from the industry that many „consulting firms“ in the hotel industry are no longer available for practical implementation after the theoretical dry run. We are implementation professionals, practitioners and tradespeople. It is therefore important to us not to send our clients away to implement the RELAUNCH on their own after the planning and concept phase. We accompany our clients from the first ideas to the successful completion of the renovation work, interior design and marketing measures.

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